The Best 2 Products to Combat Postpartum Hair Loss

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The Best 2 Products to Combat Postpartum Hair Loss

So, you’ve given birth to your beautiful baby and everything is wonderful in the world. Sometimes with all the attention focused on your new bundle of joy you forget to take care of yourself for a little while. This is what happened to me when I had my daughter. But then I noticed my hair falling out! I was pretty alarmed. What was happening?
A big surprise for first time moms is the sudden postpartum hair loss that happens about 3 months after baby is born.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I got advice everywhere I went (solicited and unsolicited). Everything from which diapers are best to use, to where baby should sleep, to why I shouldn’t be having my morning coffee. The list goes on and on. One thing that was NEVER mentioned to me was that my hair was going to fall out in clumps. Big clumps.


So, is postpartum hair loss permanent?

The good news is NO. Postpartum hair loss is not permanent. It can last about three to six months. However, if you are breast feeding this can last a little longer. Your hormones are all over the place during this time but the hair loss will stop once your hormones settle back into a normal cycle. And your hair will regrow. More good news…there are vitamins and products you can use to help the process along.


Why do women experience hair loss after pregnancy?

Pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding all change your hormones, which have an affect on your hair. During pregnancy, your hair stops shedding like it had always done before. You lose almost 50% less hair per day than you had prior to pregnancy. This is (again) due to your hormones as well as your increased blood volume.
After you give birth, those hormone levels drop and so does your blood volume. Your hair shedding phase goes back to normal AND the hair that you should have been shedding during pregnancy also begins to fall out.


What you should do when you experience postpartum hair loss.

When you experience hair loss you should continue to eat healthy, not stress (easier said than done) or make drastic changes to your lifestyle. Stress can perpetuate the problem. Avoid brushing your hair more than once a day and also be gentle when you do brush. Another thing to avoid is heat on your hair. Stay away from the blow dryers and straighteners ladies! Massaging the scalp also promotes hair regrowth.

THIS was my favourite thing to massage into my hair!


The best products for postpartum hair loss

Nature's Bounty Hair Skin and Nails Gummies with Biotin Value Size, 165 CountI had always had long, thick hair. During pregnancy my hair got even longer and thicker (hello supermodel hair). When my daughter turned 3 months it began coming out in clumps. I didn’t know what to do.
After talking to many mom friends and scouring the internet I came across these vitamins that have Biotin in them. I got the “ok” from my daughter’s pediatrician and began taking them every morning. AND LET ME TELL YOU. My hairdresser at 7 months postpartum was so impressed with my hair regrowth she asked what I was taking! Another thing I love about these vitamins is that they are also great for your skin and nails. And lets be real. We can use all the help we can get at this point.

You can find these amazing vitamins here.

As I mentioned above, massaging your scalp promotes hair growth. But what do I massage my scalp with you ask? Coconut oil is my go to solution to many problems. Let me tell you all the reasons you need this for your hair.
First and foremost. This is an ALL NATURAL ORGANIC solution. When you’re breastfeeding you’re constantly worrying about what you’re putting in and on your body. Coconut oil is completely natural and contains no harmful chemicals that can harm your baby (or your hair).
The natural oils combined with the massaging motion helps promote blood circulation which in turn helps your hair follicles get the nutrients and oxygen they need for regrowth.
The vitamins in the oil are anti fungal and antibacterial and can help ward off dandruff and even lice. They also help to strengthen your hair and make it shinier and healthier looking.
Also, it smells wonderful.
With regular use you will notice a difference in how quickly your hair begins to grow back and even how much less breakage you have.

All you do is apply generously to your scalp and gently massage for about 5 minutes. You can leave this on your hair for 3o minutes up to a couple hours. If you have a shower cap you can wrap yourself up and feed baby, catch up on some chores or even make dinner!
When you’re ready wash hair with your usual shampoo.
If you are short on time you can also mix the coconut oil with your shampoo with a 50/50 ratio. This allows you to get it on your scalp without all the waiting around.
If your hair is particularly thin I would advise against using coconut oil AFTER shampooing as it can result in greasy looking hair. So always use prior to your shower 🙂

This is where you go to find the miracle oil!

Leave a comment and let me know how if these solutions worked for you or if you have any other solutions for postpartum hair loss!

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