About Me

Welcome mommies!

Hi, I’m Mandi from Mommyhoodunplugged.com

I am mommy to two beautiful blessings. A 6 year old girl and a 1 year old boy. They, along with my husband, are my chaos, my loves and my life.

I am passionate about my family and take extreme pride in being a mommy!

The year my son was born was pretty hectic to say the least. Within the span of one year there were 4 babies born into our family! There was sooo much baby talk and mommyhood talk. I found myself turning to mom blogs more than ever. We all had so many questions!

It wasn’t long before I thought “I want to do that too!” I’ve always loved sharing my ideas and am often the one people come to for advice. Whether it be parenting advice, recipe ideas, even fashion and fitness questions. I love it all.

My true passions are family, food and photography with a (little bit) of fitness. When I can fit it in. ‘Cause honestly, who has time for that?

These days I am a coffee loving stay at home mom doing my best to keep up with the everyday demands of running a household, getting somewhat healthy meals on the table and trying to be on time for our many activities. All this while still making time to cuddle my babies and binge watch Netflix with my husband once in a while.

I have so much to say and I want to share my stories and ideas in the hopes that I can help moms who are going through this crazy journey called mommyhood just like me.

What are your biggest concerns as a mommy? I would love to hear from you!


xoxo mandi